19 Dezember 2015

Surviving the Death Loop.

Credits to Anton Chernyshov

Veröffentlicht am 16.12.2015
Kiteboarding tutorial video about fighting against uncontrolable kiteloop, also called the "Death Loop". Highly recommended to see for beginner and intermediate kiteboarders.
Example footages for the video were taken from here:

This video footage was taken in light to medium wind conditions with 8m North Rebel kite. Though I successfully used the technique, described in the video, also in heavy wind conditions up to 35 knots on the same kite, please mind that the steering line pressure may vary, depending on wind speed, kite type and kite size!
Please note, that this technique is recommended for use in case of serious safety system failure. If your quick release system is not blocked, I recommend to use the QR first, and to release the kite completely in case of any danger.
Please contact me, if you have any questions, any time. info@advakite.com
I will provide you with any information I have on this topic for the sake of your safety!

Donation link is https://www.paypal.me/Advakite
I still have a lot of unique raw footage to edit,but due to tragic financial and political situation in Russia my project is close to be put on hold. So I'm asking you to support it, if you can.
I film my footages all over the world and do a lot of edit work, remaking the movie again and again to bring it to you. I mostly work alone, getting some help from my friends, who do the cameraman's work for me. I spend most of my money to travel and to buy the most neccessary equipment.
I already filmed a lot for "How to jump high" ep.I and ep.II, "Master of Rotations", "Ultimate Kiteloop ep. III", "Simple Stylish tricks" and some more episode. They are soon to come. Help them to be born!
Thank you!

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